Saturday, February 7, 2015

Grocery shopping

So this is my first post on this blog and eventually I will get to the back story and what lead me to Paleo, but today I want to focus on grocery shopping! When you are just starting out with a gluten free or paleo life style it can be super overwhelming trying to decide what to eat and buy! April 10, 2014 the day after I was diagnosed with my 2nd autoimmune disease I decided to go Gluten free. I will explain more about all of that at a later date.  I knew it would be hard because I had considered it several times since my Hashimoto's diagnosis 4 years earlier. January 1, 2015 was my first day of Paleo and so far so good!
    So I do 99% of my shopping at Aldi's with the exception of dog food, toilet paper, and the few items I may not find at Aldi's. I am going to list what I bought at the store and how much I spent.
2 packs of ground beef each at 2.38lbs 80/20
Center cut pork chops
Country Style Pork Ribs
Chicken Tenderloins ( all natural)
Sliced Turkey breast
Sliced Black Forest Ham
2-20oz pineapple chunks
2-15oz mandarin oranges
2-6oz large pitted olives
2-15oz all natural pumpkin
2-15.25oz sliced peaches
2-12.5oz white premium chunk chicken breast
2-24oz pasta sauce
1-24oz kosher dill spears
All natural almond milk
2-8oz sharp chunk chedder cheese
2 dozen eggs
Vitamin D milk
16oz pork sausage
2-bags of apples
Bag of red potatoes
Blue berries
2-Individual natural applesauce (6each)
Beef Broth
Disinfecting Wipes
All natural almonds 12oz
Penne Gluten Free pasta 16oz
Whole Cashews-Roasted with Honey 10oz *these are not gluten free* I realized after I got home
Pitted Dates 8oz
Generic Capri Suns
Bag of chips for schools ( 20 small bags)

All of that awesome food was only 130.69!!! This was without coupons all except the cashews is gluten free!  Be sure to check out my next post for what meals we had. Great to have the food, but doesn't help much if you can't come up with food to eat. :)
Here are some pictures from this week's shopping trip. Today I spent 161.35.
This is most of the food. The cold stuff and milk has been put away.

 This is the produce I got.
 Here is the meat for this week. Chicken, fish, pork chops, sausage, and sliced ham for school lunches.
 Check out all of this fruit!! Bananas, strawberries, oranges, 2 bags of apples, kiwi, and blueberries!!
 Each can of fruit is only .89! I rinse it off before we eat it to eliminate the syrup in comes in.
 5 cartons of eggs people! Five!!

 So there you have it one week's worth listed and a some pictures posted from today's trip. Don't forget to check back for the meals I made!

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